A library of high performance address parsing and matching functions


Ambient Concepts AddressParser is a library of functions that provide full address parsing and matching capabilities for North American addresses. It is provided as both an easy to use .NET assembly as well as a set of SQL CLR functions that provide high performance, and are ideal for scenarios with high transactional throughput and large address datasets.

AddressParser is the next major version of our popular SqlAddress product, which has been renamed to more accurately represent its capabilities both with SQL Server and with general .NET development. It now includes support for full address parsing including recipient, city, state/province, and postal code.

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SqlAddress in action

Why use AddressParser?

AddressParser utilizes complex address parsing logic based on the standards outlined in United States Postal Service Publication 28 and the Canadian Postal Standards. It takes advantage of a small set of static reference data and high performance parsing algorithms to achieve fast and consistent results.

A typical approach to parsing and matching addresses involves a high cost address verification system from a vendor such as Pitney Bowes or QAS. These systems are designed for full address verification and require gigabytes of reference data containing all known addresses. This approach is often overkill for many needs, and simply can't match the sheer speed of an embedded .NET implementation like AddressParser.


AddressParser include functions for parsing an address text string into its various elements, and will work with addresses that are constructed in a variety of formats.

It also includes functions for delivery line comparison and matching. These can be used for address de-duplication, address normalization, cleanup, and advanced searching. These functions work on all types of North American addresses including partial, incomplete, or improperly formatted ones. The example below shows simple usage of the acParseDeliveryLine SQL function to parse and standardize a delivery line.

acParseDeliveryLine example


AddressParser has been heavily optimized for performance and provides various methods for achieving the best conditions for your scenario. Without AddressParser, performing any sort of address matching in SQL Server using a partial delivery line is often impossible or extremely slow. With AddressParser these operations take just a few seconds or less for 10's of millions of records.

System Requirements

AddressParser requires .NET 2.0 or later when used as an address library. When deployed to SQL Server it is supported on all editions starting with version 2005. SQL Azure is not supported as it does not currently support custom SQL CLR objects. The AddressParser functions reside in a single assembly file that can execute under the permission level of Safe and do not require any additional references or access to external datasets.


Ambient Concepts AddressParser is available as a deployable .NET assembly that can be used for royalty free distribution. The license covers use by your entire development team. A separate license is available that includes full, documented source code with the ability to add or customize features as needed.


A fully functional 30 day demo of Ambient Concepts AddressParser is available via the link below. To download, you will first need to register for a free AmbientConcepts.com account if you do not already have one.

Download AddressParser Demo